Weekly Events

Fridays at 4:30pm in the dining room we host a variety of fun games.  We encourage people of all ages to join in.  Light snacks and drinks are provided

Family Night is a gathering Sunday nights at 5:00 pm in our dining room. Family Night is a collection of events that bring together individuals in a fun and entertaining way.

Sing, Smile and Pray is our weekly Bible study. The Bible study focus is to continue to draw our hearts and minds closer to Jesus. Join us on Tuesdays at 5:00 pm in our dining room.

Monthly Events

Who doesn’t love bingo! Come out and join us for a fun time of bingo. Bingo cards are 25¢ per game and winners get a meal ticket for our dining room.

Movies at the Manor is a time to enjoy a movie with great friends.  We show a range of films. Each movie is accompanied with popcorn, snacks and drinks. Join us for a good movie with great friends.


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