Food Service

Our Kitchen is ran by our wonderful Chef Sylvia Ragsdale. She has been preparing quality meals for 20 years in our kitchen. She serves daily to create flavorful meals that range across the culinary spectrum. Beyond the traditional comfort food, Sylvia uses inspirations from across the globe to create a dynamic food experience.

We offer meals to residents, their guests and local seniors. Delivery and tray options are available on request and do require an additional charge.

Our kitchen hosts Breakfast and a Noon Dinner each day, Monday-Friday.

Breakfast is served Monday-Friday 7:30-9:30am. The meal is served restaurant style giving you the option of which meal you would like and the sides you prefer.

Lunch is served Monday-Friday starting at 12:00 noon. Each meal is served as a formal family style meal and typically includes 3 courses including desert. Each of these meals include a bible study at the end. A diabetic friendly desert option is available upon request.